Etude Schaller Reardon

The Firm

Monique Schaller Reardon

Mediator FSA

Master of Comparative Law, U. of Chicago
Licence in Law, U. of Neuchâtel - CH

Languages: French, English

Areas of practice:

Contracts and Commercial Law
Administrative Law
Family Law and Estate planning

In mediation:

Prevention, management and resolution of conflicts in matters relating to:
Business Law and Construction Law
Intergenerational relationships (transfers of family enterprises and Estate planning)
Family Law (divorce, custody), Guardianship


M. Schaller Reardon is a member of the Swiss Bar Association(SAV-FSA), the Neuchâtel Bar Association (OAN), and of the Swiss Laywers Association (SJV-SSJ)

In mediation, she is aM member of the Mediation Division of the Swiss Bar Association (FSA), of the Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations(FDM-FSM), of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation (SKWM-CSMC), and of the Section of Mediation in Construction (Fachgruppe BAUmediation)

  • Etude Schaller Reardon
  • Avocate au barreau
  • Médiatrice FSA
  • MCL U. of Chicago